Proudly serving the great state of Alaska
Proudly serving the great state of Alaska


Preconstruction Services


As that we desire to meet the needs of all our clients in a prompt and respectful manner it is imperitive in the field that we specialize in that we utilize our resources of time wisely. General questions and information about our services, business hours and etc. is always free and encouraged however as that we do charge a fee (Non-Refundable) please keep in mind that we will provide our upmost customer service in return for your investment. Please make certian to look at our customer projects page to see what we have done for others.


 Full Service Consultation/Planning/Quote/booked job


$250.00 Non-Refundable Fee covers the following**

**Any travel expenses outside 50 miles from Off Grid Contracting not covered

** this covers 1 hour on site any additional time is billable**

The reason for the fee in additon to labor is to cover our time should one choose to cancel construction, use others services or etc.

For more information and full details CONTACT US



Technical advice, consulting benchwork fee only


For those who desire to do their own construction but need assistance in doing so the following services can be offered


On site inspections, on site technical consulting

$250.00 per hour plus travel expenses


Blue prints, wiring diagrams, site plans and etc.

$100.00 per document processed and reviewed

(Note: This fee is waived with a booked job)


Materials resourcing, Quote only on parts 

$100 per hour 

(Note: This fee is waived with a booked job)


Benchwork Fee for wiring boards and etc.

(Contact for specific needs)

$150.00 per hour (minimum 2 hrs) for benchwork and wiring work for those seeking D.I.Y. project work on thier own.


For more information and full details CONTACT US



Construction Services





 Off Grid Contracting offers a wide range of pricing to accomodate the individual needs of our clients to give you the Off Grid independence and freedom that you desire to have.



  • Off Grid Real Estate acquisition                                                                    Our realtor we partner with will work with you to help find you a property within budget that meets your expectations for development and construction. At that point we can step in and develope your property off grid to desired needs.                                                                                                           To contact our Realtor resource direct Click Here                                            
  • Tiny House Construction                                                                               The Builder we partner with will construct a house within budget and specifications of your desire for Off Grid Living at that point we can step in and install your off grid features at the same time on his lot or your homes final destination.                                                                                                                   To contact our Tiny House resource direct  Click Here                                
  •  Container Homes                                                                                                         The private builder we partner with can design and consturct you a cargo container home to your specifications and we here at Off Grid Contracting will work for the builder in the construction phase and also afterwards install your off grid features.                                                                                                        To get more information Contact us                                           
  • Earth Bag Homes & Hobbit Homes                                                                     We will custom build you an off grid earthen home to your desired specifications.                                                                                                      Contact us for more details, construction time estimates and pricing             
  • Alternative Energy                                                                               Regardless of what system or power producing equipment you desire our resource provides us an affordable economic edge in providing you components direct with only a 10% mark up over distributor cost on materials with a signed service agreement with us. To visit our supplier website Click here to view component options.  Additionally we are providing the following service install costs per type of power production:                                                                                                                                      Base system infastructure charge is $500.00 this fee covers our labor for installation of battery bank, charge controllers, fuses, breakers, combiner boxs, wire drops and etc. with the exception of your power production input equipment consisting of the options below.               
    • Wind Power                                                                                                     .90 per watt install                                                                         Additional cost may apply for some installs***      
    • Solar Power                                                                                                         .90 per watt install                                                                         Additional cost may apply for some installs***                                                   
    • Hydro Power                                                                                                       .90 per watt install                                                                                          
    •  Thermal                                                                                                            **.90 per watt install                                                                                      Contact for availability                                                                                                  
    • Portable wheeled solar power generators contact us for desired application and we can build to custom specifications                  (Note: $500.00 Flat rate charge for portable solar generators period)                                                                                                                Also folding hindge mounts and legs for panels fabricated is $100.00 per set or $60.00 single folding unit                                                                    
    • Solar power golf cart, utility carts and ATV/UTV installs are a flat $350 for installs of system                                                                                           
    • Solar power installs on work vans, RV's, Campers, Travel trailers and tiny houses                                                                                                          
    • For more information and total labor cost on systems, portable solar generator units or etc. Contact us                                                              
  • Heating Solutions  
    • Solar Air Heating (internal construction or exterior mount)$300.00 install fee (No Brick/Block wall installations available)
    • Solar Water heaters
    • DC heating
    • Wood stove installation                                                                              Contact us for pricing
  • Food Production Solutions
    •    (Hydroponics/Aquaponics and Greenhousing)                         Contact us for pricing based on size of system and greenhouse
  • Water Solutions                                                                                 
    • We offer a wide variety of rain collection systems                                     (Note: Not legal and allowed in some states)                          
    • DC/AC pumping options                     
    • Water filtration systems
    • Atmospheric water generator systems (Water from Air)                          (Note: legal to use anywhere)                                                               Small custom systems can be ordered online at our other location store and shipped                         ORDER ONLINE                                     Large units are built on site custom
    • Pond aereation systems
    • Hand pumps for wells                                                                        Contact us for pricing                                                                                
  • Off Grid Security Systems                                                                          
    • Remote and wired systems available just contact for more information
    • perimeter Lighting (single circuit or networked)                         Contact us for pricing                                                                                              
  • Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms   
    • Delivered and installed or built on site at your location                          Contact us for pricing                                                                              
  • Dont See what you are Looking for?                                                 Contact us with your build desire and we will help make your dreams a reality with our resources.

Service Calls and Maintenance only

Service Call and Maintinance only


Our standard service call fee is $250.00 for anything that requires small repairs or add on's/ general maintinance. Anything beyond a 1 hour job is billable at an additionl $150.00 per hour


For more information and full details CONTACT US

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