Proudly serving the great state of Alaska
Proudly serving the great state of Alaska

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Off Grid Contracting is the result of a desire to provide the Homesteading and Prepping community the logistical construction services for Off Grid Living at an affordable cost worldwide. In May of 2015 OFF GRID CONTRACTING officially became an entity in the construction community founded by Lucas and Nikki Cameron in White Pine, Tennessee servicing the USA and abroad. In April 2016 William and Andzelika Greene joined our construction family and Off Grid Contracting Alaska has began construction which will be a satellite location specifically catering to the state of Alaska off grid communites needs and will be owned and managed by William and Andzelika Greene. What makes Off Grid Contracting your one stop source for off grid construction is we have assembled a great network to provide almost every facit of development for independent living. Contact us today to let us help make your off grid dreams a reality.



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